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Astrolabe Test Network

Astrolabe is a Metastate’s test network, featuring MASP integration and Baking Accounts plus several smaller changes built on top of the 008 Edo protocol.

The full source code for this branch can be found at https://gitlab.com/metastatedev/tezos/-/commits/astrolabe.

The other changes included in Astrolabe are:

The Astrolabe test network is provided as is, but questions, feedback and issue reports are much welcome! To reach out, please open an issue on gitlab using this link: https://gitlab.com/metastatedev/tezos/-/issues/new?issuable_template=astrolabe

Getting started

The best place to start exploring the project is following the How Tos in the introduction.

To obtain free tez to interact with the test network, see Get Free Tez.

After having built Tezos from the astrolabe branch, one can run a Tezos node or connect the client to our public node at with the following commands:

# launch an Astrolabe node
tezos-node --network=astrolabe

# run some command using our public node
tezos-client --endpoint "" ...

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